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Ningbo Wanjin sheet metal Co., Ltd now has a plant area of 130000 square meters, with more than 800 employees, more than 10 professional project teams, nearly 100 R & D and technical personnel, more than 40 patents, and the annual sheet metal processing and manufacturing capacity could reach into more than 1 billion. We are positioned in a variety of customized high-end precision metal products with the batch production according to the order requirements. We are equipped with a complete production chain from sheet metal design, production, machining operation, precision welding, surface treatment and assembly. Wanjin provides all kinds of precision parts for high-end manufacturing areas, mainly applied in new energy, aviation security, medical, nuclear power, communication, smart warehouse and other fields.

Over the years, we have been committed to building a digital future factory, starting from the basic aspects of software and hardware, and constantly introducing automation equipment and management system in the high dimension of "cloud-management-end". At present, we mainly have more than 20 sets of automatic blanking equipment such as Swiss Bystronic laser cutting, Japan Amada EM CNC punch; more than 30 sets of relevant equipment such as Japan Amada HDS CNC bending machine; 4 automatic electrostatic spraying lines; and a number of German KUKA automatic bending robots, etc Kawasaki (Kawasaki) laser welding robot and automatic grinding and other modern and intelligent automatic production equipment, and we integrate the concept of excellence into every detail of the product.

In terms of management system, we have successively introduced 10 systems, including financial system, intelligent energy consumption management system, CRM customer management system, PDM product information management system, SRM supplier management system, cam production assistant system, MPS production planning and scheduling system, MRP material demand system, TPM equipment management system, MES production execution system, etc. And we using ERP process management system, 5G cloud service, ERP management system, EMS production execution system, and Big data cloud to compute and integrate Internet of things platforms. Based on these, we could connect in series to achieve high customization of products and flexible and efficient production of JIT delivery.



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